Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hot Water Heater

The following are common hot water heater issues:
• Not enough Hot Water
• Leaks at the bottom
• Leaks from the pipes, outlets, and intakes
• Faulty, old, or out of compliance wiring
• Drain valve leaking
• Gas Lines and Pilot Light Issues

Wet areas around your hot water heater could be a sign of a leak. The first step is to isolate and try to find where the leak is coming from so it can be repaired. If your leak is massive, you may need to turn off your water until the repair can be completed. Contact Zeus Plumbing, Inc. and we can walk you through shutting off your supply to your hot water heater and schedule an appointment.

Leaks at the bottom of your hot water heater could be a sign that your hot water heater needs to be replaced due to corrosion. Hot water heater’s over time can rust and gain sediment at the bottom of the tank. If these issues are not taken care of promptly, a massive leak can occur damaging the location of the hot water heater, leaving you without hot water, make mold or mildew, and can put you at risk. Remember you hot water heater is connected with electricity and sometimes gas lines; it’s best to contact a professional when dealing with electricity and gas.

After evaluating the leak our plumbers can determine whether you hot water heater can be repaired or a replacement needs to occur. Leaks at the bottom of your hot water heater usually mean that you must need a replacement. Leaks at the top near values and line outlets, can sometimes be repairs. Hot water heaters usually last an average of 10 years.

Does your home or business have a lack of hot water? This could be a sign that there are gas line issues, pilot light has gone out, sediment in the bottom of the tank, or that your hot water heater is not big enough. Zeus Plumbing will check your temperature gauges, pilot lights, tank, and lines to make sure this is not the issue.